Bug: (Purple) Cores vanish in Core Composer

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I was in a purple Core deficit (-1468) after removing my purple core tower
I chose a new place for the core composer and routed a container to it using 3 fast inserters (as stack inserters keep quantities below 6 in their hands)
- - - note: I observed the core counter in the tech tree while the composer was placing them and observed that occasionally there's a skip in the countdown ( slowed down capture: https://i.imgur.com/pbWGbfF.gif )
The counter stopped at -1
I dismantled the tower once more and indeed the qty. of cores I recovered was 1467
I fed the composer another time with the remaining 1467 cores
In: 1467, counter: -5, collected:1463
Third round
In: 1463, counter: -8, collected: 1460

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Comments: 7