Bug: Corrupt save due to monorails?

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Like it says on the tin, I seem to have a corrupt save. On load many machines seem to be missing, sometimes it is only half of a machine that is missing, sometimes the machine is invisible but can be interacted with/has an outline when pointed at, sometime the machine is just missing. I think this weirdness started happening after one of my monorail depots backed up and the track got too full for any new trains to spawn (I deconstructed and rebuilt the rail at one point too). I think I was getting infinite ingots out of it too, both the source and destination stayed at 28000 with nothing going in. When loading the corrupt save I'm getting lots of "Index was outside the bounds of the array" messages at TrainsitDepotInstance.OnFinishUnpackingType() -> TryUpdateUnpacking ()-> SimUpdate(). I have the save and logs if they are needed.

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Comments: 1