Suggestion: Erase mode filter

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Imagine you unlocked MK III coneyors and you want to upgrade you factory which at that time already has grown pretty large.
Removing only the belts placed inbetween all the machines that are also there can be a pain.

Imagine the Base Building update arrives and you want to continue your existing save but also want to use the new floors because not only do they offer a brighter tone of the factory but also cover 25 voxels, which currently requires 25 Power Floors. But getting rid of the existing Power Floors is another pain, especially at places where conveyors and machines cover them (Core Composer, anyone?).

Adding to the Erase Mode that hitting RMB on a placed item, like MK II Conveyors or Power Floors limits the mode to only remove matching objects within the selected area for removal.

Under consideration Feedback Suggested by: stefanda Upvoted: 31 May Comments: 1

Comments: 1