Other sources of power?

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new ways to generate power such as biofuel burners or plant matter burners for binging the game instead of just water gen (not alot of power for fuctions of what alot of people want to do with large power bases or even large manufacturing of items

Biofuel Generator:
(takes solid biofuel to burn for x amount and x amount of time *x being along 400-600 power per 1* But automatable

Plant Matter Burner:
(takes plant matter to burn for x amount of time and x amount of power *x being along 50-100 power per 1* But NOT automatable

Possible Addition!!
IF u can make water pumps ***adding a storage for water PIPE Work*** to make new fuctions of items or even purification to generate new sources of materials OR to even make more resources such as threshing Iron Chunks to generate 25 ore instead of 1. while purifying the ore to generate pure ore

Steam Generators:
**NEW FUNCTION** such to burn biofuel or any burnable to generate Steam to make power from generators designed for steam!

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Comments: 2