Big performance issues

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The game currently (v0.2.0) has big issues with performance and really needs to be optimized.
At Victor I'm only getting 30FPS with lowest settings and a RX 6800 XT (comparable with a Nvidia RTX 3080). I don't know if it is related to the update or not because I only bought the game after the update. But what I can say is that the vegetation is a big factor that contributes to the bad performance. Because when I start a new game, I start with 80-100 FPS but the moment I get out of the start building and see the big cave with huge amounts of vegetation, the frames drop to 30.
I'm sure vegetation is not the only issue the game currently has regarding performance but it's a good starting point for optimization.
Dear devs, I really hope the game won't stay that unoptimized because for me it's currently unplayable.

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Comments: 6